Given the techie target audience, the design aimed to push the minimalism of the UI to the boundaries. The back button, for example, was completely stripped off in favour of a back-and-forth swipe gesture.

For most projects, I create a spritesheet file to collect all the assets. This allows me maximum flexibility on the exportation and the resizing (retina, non-retina) of the resources.



Kiss My Agent


KissMyAgent began as an experiment, create an app to quickly switch between desktop and mobile user agent, but has become a versatile and appreciated tool for browsing the web.

Things were really sad when websites excluded users from part of their content, just because they were on mobile. KMA was designed to overcome this limitation and make switching from desktop to mobile mode just a tap away.

The app was designed for iPhone and iPad and went through different iterations. This last version was designed before iOS7 but has not been released. I chose to use it as example because its minimal UI really expresses the important of focusing the user on the content more than on the interface, especially in a web browser.