Modules were designed as multiples of a common unit: each one can occupy one or more units and consequently affect the overall layout of the home page.

Early concept.


La Pinella

Client:Kiver SpA

Once celebrities were famous people that fans would adore and support from distance. Most of their private life was not known, unless some clever paparazzi was able to bring it to the public. Nowadays, things are different and celebrities are willing to connect with their fan base through the different channels at disposal. They are also becoming a key player when it comes down to content curation and brand promotion.

LaPinella is the alias that fashion blogger Alessia Marcuzzi uses online, especially on her blog, one of the most visited fashion blogs in the world. I was part of the team that designed and developed a platform to help her to connect with her fan base.

This project was really challenging because the platform was composed by a front-end, the apps, and a back-end that allows the celebrity and her team to update the content in nearly real-time. One of the requirement was that the apps had to adapt to these changes. The design address the requirement of flexibility with a modular approach, where every piece of content is independent. This has allowed maximum freedom not only in terms of content but also in terms of layout. LaPinella App was published in Apple Store and Google Play at the end of May 2014 in Italy and was immediately featured by Apple among the  ‘Best New Apps’.