I was involved in the design of the interface and interaction and in definition of the brand. For the naming, we chose to keep  “Listening to Music” to maintain a direct connection with the Facebook page. The brand was designed around the keywords of people, music and charts. The flat style and the vivid colours give it a trendy and fresh look.





Mind map to support brand exploration.



Listening to Music

Client:Doyouapp Ltd

Listening to Music (LTM) is a project that has its roots in the ancestral love people have for music. The project’s business goals were to engage and monetise the fans of a Facebook page that at the time counted more than 8 million fans. The vision at the basis of the product was the powerful idea of freeing music from business logic by making charts social, and allowing people to influence the positions of the songs.

Nowadays, we see music everywhere. This is creating a negative effect on the need of music itself, and it’s making the act of research, that was one of the most exciting experiences of loving music, easier and effortless. The risk is then that of transforming music as something we look for to enrich our lives to a boring and overwhelming flow of contents. That is why we need new ways of discovering songs or maybe just new ways of meshing them. I think that LTM is a good step toward this direction.

Listening to Music was released in September and had a positive response, not only from its Facebook community. Working with such a big audience does not happen everyday. It’s been an exciting project and I am looking forward to seeing its developments.