The experience of the concert can be divided into three moments. It starts way before the magic night, with a preparatory phase where fans tend to listen to the artist, buzzing on the social networks more often. The middle phase of the experience is the one where the fan gets to see and listen to the artist live. It is probably the most intense and the attention is mostly directed towards the performance and less towards the device. The third and last phase is the one that starts when the gig is over and the fans return to home.

One of the most famous song of the artist is called relative red. Fans would be asked to raise their phones and let them pulse in red at different paces.




Tiziano Ferro

Client:Samsung Italia

Tiziano Ferro is one of the most famous Italian singers nowadays and Samsung, which was the official sponsor for his tour, was looking for an innovative way to engage the fans, transforming the experience of the concert into a two-way communication experience, where fans could contribute to.

The apps was designed to support all the different moments of the experience of a music concert. The fans were able to send pictures of them, while daydreaming about their special night. The artist would then involve the audience in the performance, while the wall-mounted display behind him was showing the pictures the fans had previously sent. Once the concert was over, they had the chance to meet the artist in person.